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Hassle-Free Loans

Getting Funds Can Be Easy

Your needs can’t wait. With no credit check and a simple process, you can have the money you need in as fast as 10 minutes. Turn to OK Finance & Rentals for easy loans at minimum interest rates!

Get Up to $750 in Your Time of Need

Are the bills due? Is the car broke down? Payday is a week or two away and you have expenses now. That’s what we're here for. When you need money, you don’t have to wait.

With easy and convenient terms, you can have up to $750 today – in just 10 minutes. We simplify the process for you, no credit is required and no checking account is needed. Check loans are interest free after just 10 weeks.
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Check Out the 2 Types of Loans We Offer

At OK Finance & Rentals, we offer 2 types of loans — check loan and installment loan. A check loan is one where no credit is required and the interest is free after 10 weeks. Hence, as the interest is free after 10 weeks, you'll be able to pay it out faster as compared to any other store where the interest keeps piling up until you pay the entire amount.

The second type of loan is the installment loan. This loan also includes no checking account and no credit is required. Call to learn more about our loans today!

Money on the Spot

You need money today and we’ve got you covered:
  • Pay bills
  • Buy groceries
  • Make vehicle repairs
  • Get needed medication
  • Avoid excessive late fees
  • Get the funds you need for whatever you need
  • Avoid overdraft fees
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